Our Mission Is To Make The World A Better Place With The Potential of Virtual Reality

Our Story

1Sync Is Bringing The VR Revolution to Your Industry

Back in 2015, VR was merely an exciting new form of entertainment. Today, with visuals so captivating and so hyper-realistic, VR has turned into so much more.

Whether it’s attracting customers to your outlets or providing patient care under intensive surgery, our VR technology offers a wide range of solutions for the biggest problems in your industry.

We believe that the role of technology is to make the world a better place. Our solutions allow your users to to escape their everyday world, even if just for a few moments. We want to help you tap into the unlimited potential of this ground-breaking technology. Come, join us.

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Meet The Team

Zvi Tubul Lavy

Married to Rachel, Father to Alona and Tamar Lives in Rehovot, Director of business development and finance, Holds an M.B.A degree in technological entrepreneurship and a digital media engineer. Responsible for developing company departments and new products.

Artur Aharoni

Married to Gal, Father to Ema Lives in Ashkelon (Originaly from Kiryat Gat). Director of marketing and social media. Responsible for creatives and creative thinking. Specializes in logistics and creating a unique experience for each client at VR events.

What We Strive For

Demonstrating extraordinary possibilities

Our VR solutions are designed with an aim of helping you scale your business at a fast pace. We are unrelenting in helping our customers achieve the unimaginable, and exceeding expectations at every possible opportunity.

Excellence in the work we do

We do not compromise on matters of quality, deliverability, performance, and reliability. That means our customers can expect our solutions to meet the highest of industry standards; regardless of costs and deadlines.


We always keep our word to our customers and stay true to our ethical duties at all times. That’s why our customers trust us time and time again, creating relationships that have lasted well over a decade.

True value for money

Our business revolves around helping you achieve substantial value while keeping costs to an absolute minimum. That’s why we design solutions that pay back tenfold over the course of their lifetime.


What We Don’t



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